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some things you don't need to know

  1. Rubber bands last longer when refrigerated.
  2. Peanuts are one of the ingredients of dynamite.
  3. A goldfish has a memory span of 3 seconds.
  4. The average person's left hand does 56% of the typing.
  5. A shark is the only fish that can blink with both eyes.
  6. There are more chickens than people in the world.
  7. It's impossible to sneeze with your eyes open.
  8. The microwave was invented after a researcher walked by a radar tube and a chocolate bar melted in his pocket.
  9. Donald Duck comics were banned in Finland because he doesn't wear pants.
  10. If you keep a goldfish in the dark room, it will eventually turn white.
  11. "Dreamt" is the only English word that ends in the letters "mt".
  12. Almonds are a member of the peach family.
  13. Women blink nearly twice as much as men.
  14. A cat has 32 muscles in each ear.
  15. An ostrich's eye is bigger than its brain.
  16. Tigers have striped skin, not just striped fur.
  17. Right-handed people live, on average, nine years longer than left-handed people do.
  18. A snail can sleep for 3 years.
  19. The electric chair was invented by a dentist.
  20. A dragonfly has a life span of 1-6 months. 

perut, why do you do this to me?

Waduh, dah lama aku tak update blog ni. Bukan saja dah berabuk, berkarat pun ada ni, huu. Untuk mem'polish'kan semula, aku buat satu post berkaitan dengan perut.
Perut ni bagi lelaki sebenarnya macam aset penting. So, kalau aset tak dijaga, agak kacau bilau lah sikit. Boleh jadi perhatian orang nanti macam aku kena, huu. Minggu lepas, ada reunion semua batch sekolah menengah aku. Jadi jumpa ramai kawan2 lama. Soalan pertama yang diorang tanya mesti, "Eh, nampak berisilah?", "Amboi, chubby dah sekarang ni ha", "Apa lain pulak nampak ko ni sekarang?". Aku tak marah pun pasal tu sebab dah memang macam tu aku, hee. Disebabkan tu, penjagaan perut agak penting. Ada beberapa tips yang aku nak kongsikan sikit berkaitan perut.
  1. Avoid foods that contain high carbohydrates, such as bread, biscuits, and cakes that high salt content such as snack foods found in many stores or supermarkets.
  2. Do regular breakfast, lunch, and dinner, and interspersed with fiber-rich foods such as fruits and vegetables, and yogurt. Foods rich in fiber will make you feel full in the long period and beneficial for organ health.
  3. Drink plenty of water at least 8 glasses a day. You may also consume 200 ml of skim milk per day, or 4 cups of tea or lightly coffee.
  4. Eat salad vegetables in unlimited quantities. But, if you feel your stomach bloating when eating it, you can boil it before eating.
  5. Chew the foods slowly, especially vegetables, dried fruits, and grains. This can reduce flatulence.
  6. Do a routine exercise every day. Exercise will burn calories and will make your stomach look flat. In order to make your stomach flat, try doing sit ups exercise every day at least 8 times for 2 consecutive months.
 Ada macam2 cara nak follow tips ni. Biasanya, aku akan follow step by step. Mula2, amalkan first step dan buat sampai ok. Lepas tu baru amalkan step seterusnya. Untuk korang yang rasa macam tergolong dalam golongan PJD (Perut Jalan ke Depan), bolehlah amalkan tips diatas.


google releases malaysia's top searches for 2011


Google is releasing today its annual Zeitgeist lists for Malaysia: this year’s hottest selection of search terms on The lists offer a unique glimpse through the collective eyes of Malaysian searchers into the big events, memorable moments and emerging trends that captivated the nation throughout this year.

This year’s fastest rising searches reveal that in addition to social networking and launching Angry Birds at green pigs, Malaysians love a good laugh, with local reality TV show Maharaja Lawak landing the third spot.

When it comes to TV, Malaysians clearly love reality: America’s Next Top Model (ANTM), X Factor USA and American Idol 2011 were the most-searched for TV shows this year.

"Tonton" and "what is ppvrip" were also popular searches, indicating that Malaysians are

bringing their appreciation for TV online.

Tech-crazy Malaysians had plenty of technology trends to plug into this year. Gadgets both real and rumored grabbed four out of the top ten fastest rising search queries: iPhone5, iPad2, Samsung Galaxy and Android were all popular searches.

Turning to Google with their tech-related questions, Malaysians asked “What is …” to find out more about ‘iPad,’ ‘hacking’ and ‘jailbreak.

Singer-songwriter Bruno Mars, who visited Malaysia in April, leads a list of the fastest rising people searched which includes three other international music stars – Avril Lavigne, Rihanna and of course Justin Bieber, whose baby face topped the list of most popular image searches this year.

Malaysians also turned to image search to discover what fixed-gear bicycles look like as fixie culture took off, and to see Domo-kun, the furry mascot of Japan's NHK television station.

The fastest rising Malaysian searched for was YouTube sensation Cikgu Shida, who has garnered a large following miming to local and international hit songs.

Other Malaysians making the lists are young bloggers Fatin Liyana and Haniz Zalikha, politician Anwar Ibrahim, cleric Ustaz Kazim and muslimah designer Hana Tajima, who created a wave of headscarf fashion locally.

Google spokesperson Zeffri Yusof says: “Google’s year-end Zeitgeist is a cultural barometer that reveals just about everything that has us excited, curious or plain wanting to know more. From leaders, celebrities, current affairs to pop culture, sports and everything in between, search trends reveal what’s on the collective Malaysian mind.”

Google Malaysian Zeitgeist: Most popular and fastest-rising searches for 2011

Fastest rising searches
1. Facebook
2. Angry Birds
3. Maharaja Lawak
4. iPhone 5
5. Samsung Galaxy
6. iPad2
7. Jawatan kosong
8. Android
9. Tonton
10. Aishiteru

Fastest rising people
1. Bruno Mars
2. Hana Tajima
3. Cikgu Shida
4. Avril Lavigne
5. Anwar Ibrahim
6. Fatin Liyana
7. Justin Bieber
8. Rihanna
9. Ustaz Kazim
10. Hanis Zalikha

Top news stories
1. ipad 2
2. Malaysian grand prix
3. Kennedy space center
4. Kentucky derby
5. Japan nuclear crisis
6. MTV movie awards
7. Michael Jackson funeral
8. Malaysian open
9. Thailand flood
10. Malaysia budget 2012

Top image searches
1. Justin Bieber
2. Background designs
3. Fixie bike
4. Domo Kun
5. Monster energy
6. Supra shoes
7. Jules Verne
8. Smiley face
9. Kartun muslimah
10. Chelsea Olivia

Top ‘what is...’ searches
1. what is bersih
2. what is g6
3. what is ppvrip
4. what is ipad
5. what are words
6. what is jailbreak
7. what is android
8. what is lmao
9. what is hacking
10. what is information

Top TV shows
2. x factor usa
3. american idol 2011
4. amazing race 18
5. tvb drama 2011
6. nagamma serial
7. supernatural
8. bones season 7
9. Al Jazeera
10. My Princess


police report filed against gay med student or ariff and his partner

The police have been urged to investigate gay medical student Ariff who reportedly married an Irish man over the weekend.
The report was filed by Muslim NGO, Kepong Islamic Youth Organisation (PBIK), with the Sentul police headquarters here this morning.
“We are making the police report in the name of the Malays against a Malay youth who disgraced the name of our country, religion and race.
“We want to pressure the Higher Education Ministry and government-linked companies which sponsors students for education abroad to ensure that the students’ Malayness and Islamic identity are strong,” said PBIK chairman Norizan Ali.

Ariff, 28, who was studying in the University College Dublin was initially reported to be missing. He is a former Petronas scholarship recipient.

p/s: moga Allah memberi petunjuk ke arah jalan yang benar kepada beliau. amin.

buncit, boroi, perut ke depan dan sebagainya

Hi guys. Kali ini aku nak buat post berkaitan dengan buncit @ boroi. Dulu-dulu, kalau bercakap pasal buncit, memang kaum lelaki yang kenalah. Tetapi sekarang tidak lagi, perempuan pun ada yang mengalami masalah yang sama. Aku pun juga ada lah sikit-sikit buncit tu tapi boleh cover lagi lah. :p

Daripada kajian yang aku buat pasal buncit ini, ada beberapa cara untuk mengawal atau mengurangkan masalah buncit ini.
  1. Pastikan anda bersarapan pada setiap pagi.
  2. Luangkan sedikit masa untuk bersenam.
  3. Banyakkan pengambilan serat (buah-buahan) yang tepat.
  4. Mempunyai masa tidur yang mencukupi.
  5. Cuba jauhi sebarang tekanan.
  6. Banyakkan minum air.
Bagi yang tengah buncit tu, janganlah korang rasa sedih. Masih ada cara untuk menyelamatkan korang dari terus menjadi boroi tapi kenalah usaha sikit. Kalau setakat cakap je, memang sampai ke sudah korang tetap perut jalan ke depan.

that's my boy


Blogspot sudah berubah muka. Ini memang sangat baguslah. Teruja aku tengok blogspot sekarang ini, rasa macam lagi smooth je. Tak ada yang complicated macam dulu ok. Ini memang akan menyenangkan semua blogger.

Sila abaikan berapa pageview untuk blog aku. :p

Eh, lupa nak tanya, apa khabar korang semua, sihat? Harap-harap korang sihat belaka dan ceria selalu. Dan tak lupa untuk yang beragama Islam, selamat menyambut Awal Muharram untuk semua.

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To all Harry Potter freaks..

Hey guys. Para Harry Potter freaks pasti sudah tahu apa yang akan terjadi kalau kita mengacungkan tongkat sihir sambil berseru, “Avada Kedavra!”. Atau jampi apa yang harus diucapkan kalau kita ingin membuka pintu yang terkunci (“Alohomora!”).

Tapi pernah terfikir tak, kalau J.K. Rowling, pencipta Harry Potter, ternyata tidak asal buat saja jampi-jampi Harry Potter? Semua jampi sihir yang digunakan di Hogwarts ternyata ada asal usulnya, yang rata-ratanya berasal dari bahasa Latin. Berikut contoh jampi-jampi sihir Harry Potter.
  • Accio
    Jampi ini digunakan untuk memanggil barang. “Accio gelas”, dan gelas pun akan terbang ke arahmu. Dan seterusnya. Kata ‘Accio’ ternyata berasal dari bahasa Latin yang ertinya ‘Aku memanggil.
  • Avada Kedavra
    Jampi paling jahat yang boleh membunuh lawan. Orang tua Harry Potter mati akibat jampi ini. Dalam bahasa Aramaic, ‘Avada Kedavra’ bererti ‘I will destroy as I speak’. Bunyinya mirip dengan ‘Abracadabra’, yang merupakan jampi kuno dari abad kedua yang sering dipakai untuk memanggil roh halus dan meminta perlindungan.
  • Crucio
    Ini juga jampi jahat yang biasa dipakai untuk menyeksa. Dalam bahasa Latin, ‘crucio’ ertinya ‘saya menyeksa’.
  • Expecto Patronum
    Jampi penghasil patronus, satu-satunya makhluk yang boleh menghalau Dementor. Lagi-lagi jampi ini diambil dari bahasa Latin yaitu ‘expecto’ yang ertinya ‘menunggu/berharap’, dan ‘patronus’ yang ertinya ‘pelindung’. Jadi kurang lebih expecto patronum itu ertinya ‘menunggu datangnya pelindung’.
  • Expelliarmus
    Ini jampi handalan Harry Potter ketika bertempur. Fungsinya adalah untuk melepaskan tongkat sihir dari tangan musuh.Diambil dari bahasa Latin ‘expellere’ yang ertinya ‘mengeluarkan/melepaskan’, dan ‘arma’ yang ertinya ‘senjata.
  • Impedimenta
    ‘Impedimenta’ dalam bahasa Latin ertinya ‘halangan’. Jampi ini biasa dipakai untuk membuat rintangan demi memlambatkan pergerakan musuh.
  • Lumos
    ‘Lumos’ ertinya ‘cahaya’. Jampi inilah yang dipakai kalau mahu membuat hujung tongkat sihir kita menyala nyalaan seperti lilin.
  • Rictusempra
    ‘Sempra’ berasal dari kata ‘sempre’ yang artinya ‘selalu’, sedangkan ‘rictum’ ertinya mulut/rahang yang terbuka. Rictusempra ini dipakai untuk membuat musuh jadi terus menerus ketawa.
  • Sectumsempra
    Ini justeru kebalikan dari rictusempra. Efeknya bukan ketawa, tapi luka-luka, kerana dalam bahasa Latin, ‘sectum’ ertinya ‘melukai/mencederai’.
  • Stupefy
    Ini juga salah satu jampi yang selalu digunakan ketika perang,tapi efeknya tidak melukai. Cuma buat bingung dan pening saja.Dalam bahasa Inggeris, ‘stupefy’ ertinya ‘pening’.
  • Wingardium Leviosa
    Ini adalah salah satu jampi yang diajarkan pada murid-murid Hogwarts di tahun pertama. Fungsinya untuk membuat sebuah benda jadi terangkat mengambang di udara. Asal katanya adalah gabungan dari bahasa Inggris dan Latin. Wingardium berasal dari kata wing (bahasa Inggris) yang artinya sayap, dan arduus (bahasa Latin) yang ertinya langit. Sedangkan leviosa berasal dari bahasa Latin, levare, yang ertinya mengangkat/mengambil.
Bila dah tahu pasal maksud jampi yang dibaca dalam Harry Potter, rasa macam tak boleh nak sebut lagi. Sebab jampi-jampi yang ada memang benar-benar digunakan oleh ahli sihir. Apa pendapat anda?

what happens in Malaysia?

Hey guys. Kalau anda merupakan rakyat Malaysia, pasti anda semua tahu apa-apa yang berlaku sekarang kat Malaysia. Iyalahkan, takkan tak ambil tahu lansung apa yang tengah berlaku kat negara sendiri. Kalau anda semua memang prihatin, mesti anda perasaan macam-macam isu yang telah berlaku kat negara kita ni. Isu tu lah, isu ni lah, memang terlalu banyak isu. Dulu aku taklah rasa seperti apa yang berlaku sekarang. Dalam post kali ni, aku nak senaraikan isu-isu hangat / hot topics yang berkaitan dengan Malaysia.

1. Media massa yang utama penuh dengan perkara-perkara lucah.
Aku tak tahulah kenapa boleh jadi macam ni. Sepatutnya media massa perlu digunakan dengan betul. Perkara-perkara yang disampaikan oleh media massa mestilah satu perkara yang berguna, bukan yang boleh merosakkan pemikiran rakyat. Kalaulah dah semuanya lucah, apa lagi rakyat nak tengok atau baca. Jangan terlalu mencari keuntungan semata-mata atau nak dapat pembaca yang ramai supaya mereka akan terus membeli. Cubalah beri sesuatu yang berguna untuk rakyat. Tambahan, media massa jangan lah nak tipu dan memperbodohkan rakyat.

2. Tenaga nuklear di Gebeng, Pahang.
Orang-orang Pahang mesti tahu sangat pasal isu ni. Syarikat Lynas Corporation Ltd. (Lynas) dari Australia ingin membina sebuah kilang memproses bahan kimia yang menggunakan bahan nuklear. Pembinaan kilang tersebut mendapat bantahan dari rakyat. Mula-mula bila aku baca pasal pembinaan kilang ni, aku rasa macam idea yang bagus. Tapi bila kajian dibuat, aku rasa nak bantah pula. Aku bukan pro kerajaan atau pembangkang, aku cuma rasa macam tak patut kilang tu dibina kat Malaysia. Ada banyak sebab kenapa tak patut bina, antaranya ialah kawasan yang tidak sesuai dan kesan radiasi yang mungkin boleh memberi keburukkan. Aku pun hairan kenapalah company tu bina kilang kat negara sendiri?

3. 1Malaysia email.
1Malaysia email akan diberikan untuk semua rakyat. Agak-agaklah, adakah rakyat memilih email buatan Malaysia atau email provider macam gmail,yahoo mail dan hotmail. Aku rasa semua orang akan pilih selain 1Malaysia. Bukan apa, aku rasa macam membazir pula bila keluarkan belanja yang banyak untuk buat 1Malaysia email ni. Baik gunakan duit yang ada untuk hal kebajikan rakyat. Memanglah email ni untuk rakyat, tapi gunakan mana yang lebih penting. Kalau aku lah, aku lagi yakin dekat email provider yang sedia ada. Ni kang, kalau guna 1Malaysia email, habis hilang privasi kita sebab kita belum tentu 1Malaysia betul2 selamat atau tak.

4. Banyak kes-kes pembunuhan.
Isu ni mungkin berlaku juga di negara-negara yang lain tapi aku cuma fokus Malaysia. Bila baca berita dalam internet, mesti ada berita tentang pembunuhan. Hampir setiap hari ada je kes-kes macam tu. Apa yang dah jadi dengan Malaysia? Perompak merompak rumah, lepas tu bunuh tuan rumah. Penyamun menyamun orang, lepas tu bunuh. Perogol merogol perempuan, lepas tu bunuh perempuan tu. Kejam sangat dah manusia yang ada sekarang sampai hilang identiti seorang manusia. Bila fikirkan balik, aku risau bila aku dah kahwin nanti, anak2 dan isteri aku mungkin akan terdedah dengan perkara2 yang bahaya macam ni.


seoul garden

Hey guys. Pernahkah anda mendengar tentang SEOUL GARDEN? Kalau yang pernah tu oklah, tapi yang tak pernah tu aku nak bagi tahu ni. SEOUL GARDEN bukanlah suatu nama tempat yang terdapat di Korea, bukanlah nama drama korea, bukanlah tajuk lagu korea TETAPI ia merupakan tempat untuk makan,yehaa! Tempat yang sangat sesuai untuk para penggemar makanan laut/seafood. Pada anda semua yang berminat untuk mencuba makan di SEOUL GARDEN, anda boleh pergi ke Mahkota Parade (Melaka), Gurney Mall (Penang), IOI Mall (Selangor) dan 1 Utama Shopping Centre (Selangor).

Apa yang menarik bila aku makan kat SEOUL GARDEN ni:
  • Boleh makan dengan banyak sebab diorang mengamalkan cara buffet.
  • Boleh mencuba makanan Korea seperti kimchi.
  • Pelbagai jenis makan laut/seafood yang sedap disediakan.
  • Boleh merasai masak dalam satu tempat bakar yang akan disediakan di setiap meja makan.
  • Western food, abc, cendol, aiskrim, dan pelbagai jenis air gas turut disediakan.
  • Harga agak berpatutan dan berbaloi.
  • Sesuai juga nak bawa satu famili untuk makan.
  • Boleh tambah makan tak ingat dunia,hehe.
Apa lagi anda semua, cuba lah. Tak rugi pun ok. Aku akan makan di sana esok. Tu sebab nak buat post pasal SEOUL GARDEN,haha.


cool tricks to try

Hey guys. Anda mesti pernah main tricks? Ada trick yang nak kenakan kawan dan ada trick yang nak buat kawan jadi bangga dengan anda,huhu. Oleh sebab tu, aku nak tunjuk sikit trick yang mungkin anda boleh belajar. Tak susah mana pun, cuma kena ikut setiap langkah yang aku tunjukkan ni. Dalam post ni, aku nak tunjuk 3 tricks.

Google Trick
Dalam google trick ni, aku nak ajar trick macam mana nak buat magik dengan google tapi rasanya tak guna google sangat pun. Ok, ikut langkah-langkah ni.
  1. Hidupkan komputer dan terhubung ke internet.
  2. Buka link ini. Di sini, anda akan melihat laman web yang kelihatan seperti Google.
  3. Klik di mana-mana dalam ruang, kosong putih dan setelah sekitar tiga saat menggosok tangan anda atau pertama anda dua jari pada paparan benar-benar meliputi o dua tentang google.
  4. Lepaskan tangan anda selepas kira-kira dua saat lagi dan O dua itu akan pergi dan akan kelihatan seperti 'G,_,_,g,l,e'.
  5. Klik lagi di mana anda diklik sebelum dan selepas sekitar tiga saat menggosok tangan anda atau pertama anda dua jari pada paparan benar-benar meliputi tempat di mana o dua itu adalah untuk sekitar dua saat. O dua akan muncul kembali.
  6. Klik di mana-mana lagi dan anda akan diarahkan ke Google kembali.

Yahoo Messenger Trick
Dalam yahoo messenger trick ni, aku nak tunjukkan trick untuk mengetahui samada kawan anda benar-benar offline mode atau cuma invicible mode. Cuma ikut langkah2-langkah dibawah.
  1. Buka chat tetingkap pada orang yang ingin anda periksa dengan cara klik pada nama tu.
  2. Klik IMvironment, pilih “See all IMVironments”, pilih “Interactive Fun” kemudian klik pada Doodle.
  3. Hantar kepada kawan anda pesanan ringkas sehingga chat tetingkap akan ter'load'. Jika anda tidak melakukan ini Doodle tidak akan men'load' dan kita tidak tahu samada dia offline mode atau invincible mod. Jika kawan anda memang dalam offline mode, IMvironment Doodle tidak akan men'load'kan dan hanya menunjukkan seperti gambar dibawah.
  4. Jika kawan anda dalam invincible mode, jadi load Doodle akan segera anda harus mendapatkan halaman kosong seperti gambar di bawah.
  5. Setelah melakukan langkah-langkah diatas ... mungkin kawan anda tu akan segera menutup chat tetingkap dan anda akan melihat mesej yang tepat seperti yang anda lihat dalam gambar di bawah.

Keyboard Trick (Firefox)

Keyboard trick ni mungkin pernah anda buat tapi aku akan tunjukkan trick yang kita kurang tahu. Tapi trick hanya untuk Firefox.
  • [Ctrl] + [1] to [9] – jump to tab numbers 1 to 8 or last tab (9).
  • [Ctrl] + [Tab] or [Ctrl] + [SHIFT] + [Tab] – move up/right or down/left in tabs.
  • [/] or ['] – Find As You Type Text or Link.
  • [Ctrl] + [F4] – close tab.
  • [alt] + [F4] – close window.
  • [Ctrl] + [SHIFT] + [T] – open closed tab/s.
  • [Spacebar] or [SHIFT] + [Spacebar] – scroll PageDown or PageUp.
Harap anda semua cuba tricks ni.

mind control? illuminati? occult symbolism? sinister sites?

Hey guys. Apa khabar semua? Harap korang semua sihat-sihat saja. Mesti korang dah fahamkan apa yang aku nak kongsi dalam post kali. Kalau yang tak faham tu, ni aku nak terangkan. KONSPIRASI Betul, memang aku nak kongsi pasal tu tapi bukan aku nak terangkan maksud konspirasi atau tunjukkan bukti-bukti berlakunya konspirasi. Aku cuma nak mencadangkan satu website yang aku rasa bagus untuk korang tengok.


Ada beberapa perkara yang membuatkan aku suka pasal website ni. Antaranya:
  • Terdapat pelbagai artikel yang berkaitan konspirasi.
  • Setiap artikel yang dikeluarkan oleh penulis disertakan dengan bukti-bukti yang logik diterima akal.
  • Artikel-artikel yang ada bukan lah berkaitan dengan konspirasi bodoh semata-mata.
  • Terdapat forum yang aku selalu tengok untuk tahu info terbaru mengenai konspirasi dunia.
Untuk pengetahuan korang semua, aku bukan lah jenis yang menerima bulat-bulat tanpa berfikir. Baca dan sambil tu fikir bila korang baca artikel dalam website ni. Aku baca pasal konspirasi ni pun cuma untuk pengetahuan saja. Aku ada peringatan untuk siapa-siapa yang minat pasal konspirasi ni. SEMUA PERKARA YANG BERLAKU DI DUNIA ADALAH BUKAN KONSPIRASI SEMATA-MATA SEBAB SEMUA YANG BERLAKU ADALAH ATAS KETENTUAN ALLAH.


10 facts about MALAYSIA you don't want to know

Hey guys. When we talk about the facts, it will describe something that is true. There is a funny fact, there is a strange fact, and others. In this post, I want to share facts related to Malaysia. Facts relating to Malaysia can be divided into two types: the known facts and the facts did not want to know . If you read the title of this post, you'll know which one kind of facts that I will share.

10 facts about Malaysia you don't want to know:
  1. Do you know that 'TUN' is the most senior federal title and there can be no more than 25 living recipients at any one time. (That’s great achievement Tun Mahathir!)
  2. Malaysia has 65,877 km of highway. This is more than the Earth's circumference of 40,075 km. (OMG!)
  3. Do you know what is the best jet fighter in the world? Of course not Malaysia’s Sukhoi 30-MKM, but F-22 Raptor by Lockheed Martin. Their jet not only can outfly and outrun any other plane in the world, this plane can do so while remaining virtually unseen!
  4. Never ask a Malaysian how is his business or studies. Standard response: "OK la." Immediately, switch to you and asks " So, I see u put on weight. Good lah u!."
  5. Malaysians only call themselves Malaysians when they are outside the country, otherwise they call themselves Chinese, Indians, Malays & 'dan lain-lain'.
  6. We bought 12 Eurocopters for RM2.317 billion, while Brazil bought the same 50 units of Eurocopter, for US$1.2 billion (RM4.14 billion). Please do the calculation.
  7. Most of the Malay people love to read Metro, Mastika, URTV, Mangga, while Non-Malays love to read The Edge, Personal Money, The Malaysian Reserve.
  8. Proton is a national car company that we should protect and help them. That’s why here we have to pay RM 66,799.97 for Proton Waja, while at Saudi they can get Proton Waja for only RM35,673. (I heart Proton!)
  9. Malaysian people are funny because we bought 2 submarines (Scorpene) for 3.4 billions ringgit, and it cannot even dive! But it’s okay, it can be turn to be ‘sampan’.
  10. Malaysian people are very kind where now everyone wants to become a beggar because it’s so easy to ask people for money.
I know there will be those who are not satisfied when reading this post. It is up to you to like or dislike. I am just telling the facts right.

p/s: malaysia boleh!!

have you ever heard about artificial egg? (telur ayam tiruan)


Hey guys. Post kali ni aku nak bercerita pasal telur ayam tiruan. Malaysia telah dikejutkan dengan penjualan telur ayam yang bukan dihasilkan oleh ayam tetapi dihasilkan dengan menggunakan pelbagai jenis bahan kimia. Telur ayam tiruan itu dijual dengan harga yang lebih murah berbanding harga telur ayam yang asli. Berdasarkan googling yang aku buat, penghasilan telur ayam tiruan ini telah bermula di negara China. Ok, aku akan menunjukkan cara membuat telur ayam tiruan dan cara untuk mengenalpasti telur ayam tiruan.

Cara Penghasilan Telur Ayam Tiruan

Cara Mengenalpasti Telur Ayam Tiruan
  1. Kulit telur ayam tiruan adalah lebih berkilat daripada telur ayam asli, tetapi tidak begitu jelas.
  2. Ketika menyentuh telur ayam tiruan dengan tangan, rasanya sedikit lebih kasar daripada telur ayam asli.
  3. Ketika menggoncang telur ayam tiruan, ia akan mengeluarkan bunyi, ini kerana air melimpah daripada wakil padat.
  4. Telur ayam asli berbau sedikit seperti daging mentah.
  5. Tekan telur perlahan-lahan. Telur ayam asli mengeluarkan bunyi lebih keras daripada telur ayam tiruan.
  6. Setelah mengeluarkan isi telur ayam tiruan, kuning telur dan putih telur akan mencair bersama. Hal ini kerana kuning telur dan putih telur terbuat dari bahan yang sama.
  7. Ketika menggoreng telur ayam tiruan, kuning telur akan menyebar tanpa disentuh.

Harap post ni dapat membantu korang untuk lagi berhati-hati ketika membeli telur ayam sebab telur ayam tiruan boleh memberi kesan buruk kepada badan kita. Pesanan aku, kadang-kadang kita perlu fikirkan kualiti daripada kuantiti.




Hey guys. Apa khabar semua? Harap semua sihat, gembira, senang hati, cool, kenyang (?) dan lain-lain lagi. Aku sekarang tengah busy dengan final year project aku yang tak siap-siap lagi, adoi, tapi masih giat mem'blog'kan diri,haha. Aku nak stop dulu post untuk sambungan haunted house at seksyen 2 shah alam - part 1. Dalam post kali ni, aku nak meng'list'kan apa-apa saja yang telah berlaku yang membuat aku terfikir "biar betul?".

  1. Kenaikan lagi harga minyak RON 97.
  2. Malaysia berhasrat untuk membina loji pemprosesan nadir bumi (Lynas) di Gebeng, Pahang.
  3. America nak membantu rakyat-rakyat Libya untuk dibebaskan dari pemerintahan Muammar Gaddafi.
  4. Pengharaman tarian poco-poco oleh Jawatankuasa Fatwa Negeri Perak.
  5. Jepun menafikan logi nuklear di Fukushima meletup setelah berlakunya gempa bumi dan tsunami yang teruk.
Macam-macam yang dah berlaku sekarang. Bukan di negara kita saja, tapi melibatkan seluruh dunia. Ada banyak lagi yang aku nak 'list'kan tapi rasa cuma ni yang sesuai untuk di beritahu.




This post is not about to tell you about the destruction of Twitter. I want to introduce a software that is best for Twitter. If you all really like to 'tweeting', this software is very suitable for you.
There are many advantages that we can get from this software.

This software is recognized as Destroy Twitter. The name of this software is a bit weird but it is very useful. I also use this software to update my status on Twitter, reply or 'retweet' any status of my friends . No longer need to log in on the web. There are reasons why I promote this software with you all.

  1. Powerful and Lightweight
  2. Cross-Platform
  3. Filter the Noise
  4. No Extra Baggage
  5. Preferences Galore
  6. Auto-Complete Usernames

To try this software, you all can download it here. Before installing this software, you need to first install adobe air. Click this first to install adobe air if you do not have it. To know more about this software, click here.



If you are either just out of college or university, changing careers or working contract, you have to go to interviews to get a job. Because of that, I would like to give some tips how to do a good interview.
  • Of course, the initial challenge is to be called to interview in the first place. This means that you need to give your application form time and care.
    • Don't write it; type it.
    • Don't make spelling mistakes; ask a friend to check it.
    • In my experience, it is utterly amazing the number of applicants who simply submit a standard curriculum vitae without making any effort whatsoever to tailor the application to the organisation and the post.
    • The organisation advertising the post should send you a person specification and/or short-listing criteria (if they don't, ask them). You should address each and every point in the person specification showing how you meet the requirements. This will maximise the chance of you being called to interview.

  • The key to a good interview itself is good preparation:
    • research thoroughly the industry or sector, the company or organisation and the particular job, making particular use of the annual report & accounts, the web site and current newspaper articles;
    • prepare an informal opening and closing statement that emphasizes why you want the job and why you think you are particularly well qualified to be chosen.

  • On the day before the interview, read your application form again, since many of the interview questions are likely to draw on the content of your application and you need to remember what you have written and think about what might be raised as a result.

  • On the morning of the interview, check the newspapers and the Internet for any last minute developments affecting the organisation you are visiting or the industry in which you are interested in working. This will prepare you for any questions on that development and give you an opportunity to mention it if appropriate.

  • Dress smartly. Even if the dress code is casual for the organisation concerned, it always pays to be smart for the actual interview.

  • Be in good time. Try to identify a local cafĂ© so that, if you are really early, you can go for a drink and take a last look at your notes.

  • It may seem totally obvious, but switch off your mobile or anything else (such as a pager or digital watch) that might make a noise. I once chaired an interview panel for a senior executive position and, in one of the interviews, the interviewee's mobile went off twice (he didn't get the job).

  • If you are anxious about interviews, when you are actually called into the interview room, take two or three slow, deep breaths to calm your nerves and your breathing.

  • As you are introduced to the interviewers, shake their hand firmly, look them in the eyes, and say that you are pleased to meet them. These first few seconds are so important in creating a favourable impression. Remember: you don't get a second chance to make a first impression.

  • Answer the questions in a confident, firm voice. Don't mumble or rush or be too hesitant.

  • Answers should not be one word or one sentence, but equally should not go on too long. If you have a lot to say, having made the main points, you could finish by saying: "I could expand upon that, if you wish".

  • When answering the questions, maintain eye contact with the interviewer(s). If there are two interviewers, give them equal attention. If there are three or more, slowly sweep your eyes from side to side like a radar beam.

  • In the answers to your questions, make selective and relevant use of the information from your preliminary researches and casually mention at least some of the sources you have used. For example: "I was interested to see in your annual report …", "I noticed on your web site ..", "I was reading an article recently that said .." This will impress the interviewer(s) with your knowledge, your research and your keenness.

  • Don't waffle. If you don't know, say so.

  • Never, ever lie.

  • Almost certainly, the opening question will be a general one along the lines of: "Will you tell us why you applied for this job/why you want this job/why you think you are suited for this job". You should be ready for this question by having mentally prepared a short statement that provides the three or four key points in your favour. Think about how you would expand on each point if asked to do so. If you are aware of the short-listing criteria for interview, this opening statement should address the specific requirements set out in the short-listing criteria.

  • If the organisation concerned is a commercial one, this opening statement should identify with the product or service that is at the core of the company's activities. For instance, "I'm excited by the possibilities that software presents for giving companies a really competitive edge".

  • If the organisation concerned is a political, campaigning or voluntary one, this opening statement should identify with the values of the organisation. For instance, "I've always believed in ... because ..." or "I really care about ... because ..."

  • If you are not asked this kind of opening question, you should gently take control of the interview by, as soon as possible, saying something like: "Perhaps you would like to know why I applied for the job". You can then use your opening statement.

  • Most of the questions you will be asked can be anticipated so, in advance of interview, think about the likely questions. Then plan how you would answer them, making notes in the form of two or three (or occasionally four) bulleted points which you should memorise - not word for word, but point by point.

  • Many of the questions you will be asked will arise from what you have written in your application so, shortly before the interview date, read over your application again and think about how the interviewer(s) may wish to probe for further information.

  • Think of the worst question you could be asked. Again plan how you would answer it. Then this question - and any other - is not going to be that tough for you.

  • Think of actual experiences that illustrate the qualities that you would bring to the job. A good interviewer will not ask the obvious or leading question such as: "Do you like teamwork?" or "Can you cope with stress?". A clever interviewer will instead ask: "Can you give me an example of how you have worked in a team and tell me how you interacted with the other team members?" or "Can you tell me a time when you were under particular stress and explain to me how you handled or resolved it?"

  • A common - but silly - question is something along the lines of: "Tell us three of your strengths and three of your weaknesses". Again be ready for this one by having planned mentally how you would respond. The strengths should be a reaffirmation of your opening statement. For example, "I have these skills ..", "I have this experience ..", "I'm the kind of person who .." As far as so-called weaknesses are concerned, do not actually admit to any, but instead express so-called weaknesses as strengths. For example, "I'm really stubborn about always being on time", "I tend to be a bit too conscientious and want to get everything right", "I'm really curious and always want to know more about things".

  • Almost certainly, you will be asked a final question along the lines of: "Is there anything else that you would like to tell us?" Again you should be ready for this question by having mentally prepared a short statement that reaffirms the content of your opening statement, deals with any difficulties that have come up in the interview, and concludes by emphasizing how much you would like the job and how keen you would be if you obtained it.

  • Again, if you are not asked this kind of closing question, you should gently take control of the interview by - before you leave - saying something like: "Before I go, could I just emphasise why I am so keen to do this job". Then use your closing statement.

  • If you cannot answer a question to your satisfaction, come back to it in your closing statement if you remember and you've thought of a better answer. Otherwise don't be afraid to phone up soon afterwards and say something like: "I'm not sure that I explained myself too well in the interview. What I wanted to say was …" You will lose nothing by this. On the contrary, it will show keenness and it will remind them of you.

  • At the end of the interview, you may be asked: "Are there any questions that you would like to ask us about the company (or organisation) or the job?" Once again, be ready for this and have one or two good questions ready. As far as the company or organisation is concerned, ask a question which shows interest in the future prospects. For example: "Where are the growth opportunities for the company?" or "What do think will be the new markets that the company will want to enter in the next few years?" or "What are the key strategic objectives for the organisation in the next couple of years?" As far as the job is concerned, again ask questions that show keenness and interest in the future. For instance: "What are the training opportunities in this job?" or "How is the job likely to develop in the next year or two?" or "What chances are there for promotion in this post?"

  • Above all, show some enthusiasm and keenness for the job. However calculated the questions and however sophisticated the marking of the answers, most interviewers eventually make the final decision based on the overall impression and nothing makes a better impression than a positive demeanour.

  • Follow all these tips and you should get the job! If all this does not work and you do not win the post, ask for a debriefing interview or telephone conversation. This will impress the company or organisation and stand you in good stead for any future applications to them. Also, if you approach this exercise open-mindedly, you will learn a lot and your next performance will be even better.


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gud bye Miss E and hey Miss A


hey guys!!
korang macam mane, sihat x?
aku hope korang sihat n happy dengan orang2 yg tersayang. :)
(even korang x happy, tapi senyum2 lah selalu gak ok)

im so... tension!!!
why u do this to me miss A??


ini semua sebab miss A lah ini.
sebabkan miss A lah aku menjadi busy secara tiba-tiba for this week n next week.
miss A dah buatkan aku:
-xcukup tidur
-xcukup makan
-xcukup mase nak buat benda2 yg aku suke buat
-xcukup mandi (yang ni kiddin' je,haha)

its ok miss A, aku akan make sure semua perkara2 yang berkaitan aku n kamu akan setel secepat mungkin.
no more mercy ok!
even though miss A selalu kaco aku, tapi miss E x kaco pulak.
im so happy n i love u miss E. (macam bodoh je statement aku ni :P).
this semester, miss E x ade pulak. thats good!
btw, gud luck for those yg ade urusan dengan miss E ok. study hard!


shout! awards

korang pernah dengar x? if x, why not korang click ini to know more about this awards.
if korang taw, please vote ur favorite artists ok.
aku dah vote, korang bile lagi. :P

last year, BUNKFACE dapat rockstar award(rockstar award = main award).

p/s: tukar style of writing sikit. :DD


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