police report filed against gay med student or ariff and his partner

The police have been urged to investigate gay medical student Ariff who reportedly married an Irish man over the weekend.
The report was filed by Muslim NGO, Kepong Islamic Youth Organisation (PBIK), with the Sentul police headquarters here this morning.
“We are making the police report in the name of the Malays against a Malay youth who disgraced the name of our country, religion and race.
“We want to pressure the Higher Education Ministry and government-linked companies which sponsors students for education abroad to ensure that the students’ Malayness and Islamic identity are strong,” said PBIK chairman Norizan Ali.

Ariff, 28, who was studying in the University College Dublin was initially reported to be missing. He is a former Petronas scholarship recipient.

p/s: moga Allah memberi petunjuk ke arah jalan yang benar kepada beliau. amin.



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