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Pengamal Ilmu Pukau Memukau Mangsa Pukau

Hey guys. Aku sekarang mengalami tahap kemalasan yang sangat tinggi. Bila nak mula study, mata dah mula tutup separuh dah, rasa badan lemah nak baring atas katil, rasa macam banyak masa lagi nak study padahal lagi 2 hari nak exam. Macam-macam rasalah bila nak study tu. Tapi yang peliknya, ada pula semangat nak membuat post baru untuk blog. Nampak semuanya alasan sajekan tadi,huhu.

Dalam post kali ni, aku nak cerita pasal kes pukau-memukau yang berlaku di tempat aku. Kisahnya sebegini,

roomate: Weh, ko nak taw x? Ada kes orang kene pukau kat tempat kite ni.

aku: Biar betul ko? Jangan buat2 cerite je ko ni. Xade plak aku dengar kes camtu.

roomate: Ade weh. Kawan aku cerita kat aku tadi. Die cakap, kes pukau-memukau terjadi kat blok belakang. Blok kite pun ade yang dah kene.

aku: OMG! Pukau camne weh? Pukau nak curi barang ke?

roomate: Memanglah orang tu pukau nak curi barang, xkan lah nak bagi barang plak.

aku: Celake ko, loye buruk plak dengan aku. Cit!

roomate: Haha! Orang pukau tu start pukau time pagi2 macam dalm pukul 7-8am. Mase orang lain ngah syok tidor. Die akan ketuk pintu sampai tuan bilik jage. Kalo xjage gak, die akan terus ketuk kuat2 sampai tuan bilik bukak pintu. Mestilah tuan bilik tu ngah mamai2 bile bukak pintu tu. Ha! mase tu lah die start gune ilmu pukau die.

aku: Gilos awal orang pukau tu bangun tidor. Iyerlah, nak pergi bilik orang awal2 pagi mesti kene bangun awal.

roomate: Ai, ko pun loye buruk gak kan?

aku: Haha! Relax2, ceciter ceciter lagi.
Xkan jiran xperasan bile orang pukau tu ketuk pintu kuat2?

roomate: Tu lah pasal. Bile diorang tanye jiran, jiran cakap xdengar ape2 pun. Tu yang jadi pelik sikit. Tuan bilik je dengar pintu yang diketuk kuat tu. Lepas die dah pukau dan curi barang2 cam laptop ke handphone ke, orang pukau tu mesti tinggalkan tanda cam die akan tinggalkan selipar ke ape.

aku: Iyeke? Bahaya ni.

Begitulah secara ringkasnya cerita pasal kes pukau-memukau ni. Bila aku dah tahu pasal kes ni, terus aku dan roomate hati-hati bila pagi. Memang aku risau sangat bila ada orang datang pagi-pagi. Pernah sekali ada orang datang bilik aku, ketuk pintu bilik aku banyak kali. Aku dah risau dah, sebelum buka pintu, baca doa macam-macam takut orang pukau datang ke apa. Rupa-rupanya jiran aku datang. Cis! buat cuak je lebih. Berkenaan dengan tinggal tanda lepas pukau tu memang aku pernah dengar, sebab ada kes rompak rumah guna ilmu pukau, lepas perompak tu merompak, mesti dia akan tinggalkan beras putih ke, apa-apa saja tanda. Persoaalan yang aku terfikir sekarang, perlukah menggunakan ilmu pukau untuk mencuri barang jika masih ada tenaga yang cukup mencari duit untuk mendapatkan barang yang halal?


haunted house at seksyen 2 shah alam - part 2


Continuation of story from haunted house at seksyen 2 shah alam - part 1

Upon reaching Restoran Hakim, we immediately started telling each other what we had experienced. Wak told us that it was just about 12am. He was downloading some songs when he heard someone throwing rocks at his window. He decided to investigate and outside he saw a girl with long hair sitting on the tree branch in a torn white dress which had already turned yellowish overtime. The girl was smiling at Wak. Wak immediately reacted by closing the bedroom windows and tried running out of the room. As soon as he reached his bedroom door, he saw another younger girl waiting for him right in front of the doors. Trapped and no where to run, Wak took the decision to jump out of the room through the bedroom windows which resulted to his injured knees. He was lucky to have not only survived the fall but also managed to keep all his most of his bones intact.

Azmi on the other had, saw a girl waving at him. I too saw it and immediately confirm with Azmi that she was definitely a ghost because I noticed that she had no legs. Sam said he saw a ghost at the ceiling. He was fast asleep and suddenly felt the urge to open his eyes. To his surprise, he saw a ghost staring at him eye to eye. I was the last to relate to them my story and as I reached the part where I saw everyone watching dvd at the living room, Azmi suddenly spoke out and asked me “Since when were we busy watching dvd?!”. It was not until then that it dawned to me that no one was watching dvd at that moment, so who was it that I saw? My knees that were already shaking from fear turned even more serious.

As we were finishing our stories, I suddenly smelt something terrible. The rest could smell it too. That was when we found out that Azmi had peed in his pants because he was too scared. As for Sam, he wore the wrong pair of slippers . The situation turned pretty funny and we started laughing at ourselves.

In the midst of laughter, we suddenly realized that Salleh and Naim were missing. There was only 6 of us, me, Azmi, Sam, Wak Bob and Lan. Amongst us, only Bob had thought of bringing his handphone out so we urged him to call Naim. No one picked up the phone as Bob dialed his number and he then turned to dail Salleh’s number instead. Still, no one picked up the phone. Lan snatched the handphone from Bob and stared at it for sometime then passed to Bob again and asked him to call Naim. Bob dailled the number and put it on a loud speaker mood and this time, someone did pick up the call. What we heard was something that we could not describe. It was a woman laughing and screaming eerily at the same time. My goosebumps rose and the 6 of us immediately sat in silence until the next morning. As dawn came around 7.30am in the morning, we went left Restoran Hakim and headed back to the house to find Naim and Salleh. My heard was till racing and as we reached the front door of the house, I noticed our house door gate was wide open. I tell you, if there was any thief that wanted to break into the house that night, it would have probably been his easiest and richest job ever since the door was wide open inviting him to take our laptops, wallets and handphone which we all left in a hurry.

None of us dared to enter the house and we were just standing there for a good 20 to 30 minutes deciding to go or not to go. It was then that Bob’s handphone rang. We all jumped out of surprise. I did not have a good feeling about this and Bob dared not pick up the call. It was Lan that decided to answer the call and he found out that it was the Klang emergency hospital ward that had called. He said that they had found this number under the miss call and told him that Naim had met an accident.

We all felt guilty for leaving Naim behind and we torn between visiting him and finding the missing Salleh. In the end, we called the house owner and asked for some advise. Me and sam went off to the Klang hospital to check up on Naim’s condition while the rest stayed behind to find for Salleh around the house.

As soon as we reached the hospital, we immediately looked for Naim. We found him seriously injured and his legs were badly damaged. The doctor told us that his feet were sandwiched against the car and his case was a hit and run. I silently prayed that Naim had a long life but with all the blood, it was hard to tell. Sam could stand it no longer and started crying. The doctor then told us Naim had not much time left and I sat beside Naim as he told us that he was sorry for causing us the trouble. He kept on apologizing but I couldn’t understand a word that was coming out from his mouth. In the end, he passed away. I braved myself to phone the rest and relay them the news. I found Sam sitting next to the balcony with red eyes from crying so much. Not long after Naim’s parents arrived, we left the place and headed back to Shah Alam.

As we arrived at the house, I saw many people searching for the missing Salleh but no one had found him yet. We searched the whole house but he was yet to be found. An old man suggested we look for a holy man. The holy man did his magic and we found Salleh sitting on an anthill behind the house. We were quite sure that when we passed by that area but no one had seen him there! It was then and there that we all decided to move out of the house immediately. Coincidently, there was a house at Seksyen 7 which was just behind the UITM for rent so we decided to move there instead.

We now understood the reason why the house owner had just asked us to pay RM50 for the deposit and ensured we did not move in many things.

I had fever for 3 days while Naim held his funeral and was buried in Raub, Pahang.

A week after that, everyone was fine except for Salleh who was complaining of body aches. It was then that I dared to ask what had happened to Salleh because Naim had died that night. He told me that on the first day that we moved into the house, Naim and Salleh was behind the house. Salleh saw the anthill and decided to use the hoe on the anthill. Naim on the other had, disturbed the place with his feet. Probably due to that his feet was badly damaged in the accident. That night, Salleh told me that we were all disturbed by the ghost. The ghost chased them until the streets and suddenly out of no where the car came and crashed into Naim. Salleh found himself unconscious until when we found him sitting on top of the anthill. The weird thing that he still could not understand how did he came about sitting on top of the anthill when he was sure he ran to the middle of the main street together with Naim. And why was only Naim the one badly injured but not Salleh?

I found the answer when not long after that Salleh fell sick. I was not sure what he had conjunct but 3 months after that, he passed away. His family were all stunned because the doctor could not diagnose the cause but I was pretty sure that this had something to do with the anthill that he disturbed. Me and the rest of us were deeply disturbed and sadden over the death of Salleh. Bob was affected the worse as he was Salleh’s room mate.

Me, Azmi, Sam, Wak , Bob and Lan safely graduated from UITM.
Til today, the bungalow at Seksyen 2 is still there. Every time that I passed by the area, I felt a sense of lost and sadness. At one point when we were discussing these incident, Wak told us that he had left his handphone in his room upstairs. To those that are brave enough to take that handphone, you may have it. It’s a Nokia 3310.


p/s: Gambar rumah tu memang betul.

haunted house at seksyen 2 shah alam - part 1


I just want to share a story about ...

9 years ago, I was given the chance to continue my studies in UITM, Shah Alam. The first thing that I need to consider was of course a place to stay. After searching numerous houses and location, me and my friends decided to rent a house nearby the UITM at an area in Shah Alam called Seksyen 2. If you are familiar with this place, you will know that it is nearby the wet world.

The house that we rented was a bungalow with 2 floors. With a total of 4 rooms, 3 rooms were located on the first floor while one more was located at the ground floor. There were 8 of us renting the house so 2 people would occupy a room.

We should have known something was wrong with the house because there were numerous hints that left us all feeling that something was amiss with that house. The first hint that caught our surprise was the owner of the house only wanted to take RM50 as a deposit. He even told us that the rent was only to be paid when we have moved in 1 month later which meant that we could stay there for the first month free of charge and start paying the 2nd month’s rent. The second incident was his request for us not to move in too many things as it would be a chore if we were to move out in future. The third that should have rang our alarms was a huge tree just beside the house. This tree was so big that its branches could reach the window of one of the bedroom on the first floor.

On the first night, we didn’t have much sleep because we were too busy moving and cleaning the boxes. However, the second night was not so lucky. The day had not even turned dark when the horror started. Unfortunately for Azmi, he was the first to experience the house’s wrath.

It was just 10.30 in the morning when Azmi woke up with a stomach pain. He decided to use the bathroom downstairs since the bathroom located upstairs was not yet fixed by the owner. Upon reaching the downstairs bathroom, he found the bathroom door locked. Thinking that there was someone inside using the bathroom, he stood outside waiting. After sometime, his patience ran out and started screaming to the person inside the bathroom to hurry up as he could not stand it any longer. His screams actually woke the whole house up and all of us rushed down to see what the commotion was about. We gathered outside the bathroom door and suddenly realized that something was amiss. All 8 of us were there so who was it that was in the bathroom? The door was locked from inside and there were obvious sounds of flushing. We were all scared but Lan was the only one that was brave enough to kick the door open. As the door swung open, we couldn’t see anyone inside the bathroom. We investigated the door locks and found that the door was locked indeed locked from inside. In the end, Azmi did not visit the toilet. Perhaps he was too afraid.

That night, we were in for more trouble.

I was sleeping soundly when I felt someone pulled both feet. I woke up startled and unable to react and fell down the floor hitting my head first. My head hurt I was fuming with anger because whoever that played that prank had gone too far. My first reacting was to blame Lan and as I turned towards the direction of his bed, I saw Lan fast asleep. I decided to walk out of my room to give others a piece of my mind when I heard the rest were all laughing and chilling out at the living room watching dvd. Still blur from my head trauma, I decided to walk back to my room instead when I suddenly realized that I thought I caught a glimpse of Lan downstairs. The more I thought about it the more I felt something was wrong. As I reached my bedroom, I could see that there was a bulge on Lan’s bed just beneath his blanket. I gathered all my bravery and pulled back the blanket. To my horror, I saw a tombstone that had cracks. At that same moment, my room was suddenly filled with a strong smell that I could not describe.

I quickly ran as fast as my legs could carry and rushed down to the living room to inform the rest but to my surprise, there was not a soul in the room. It was not until a few seconds that I registered everyone had gathered outside the house. I soon found out that they all too experience something scary one way or another but no one had bothered to inform me at all!

After I have calmed down, we started thinking of what to do next as it was already 3am. We started weighing on the different options, the first was to contact a holy/religious man that could help us but we knew of none. We thought of requesting help from our neighbors, but to our left and right were both Chinese. Finally, Salleh suggested that we all hangout at a restaurant nearby called Restoran Hakim and seek refuge there until the next morning. It sounded like a safe and easy plan. The only problem was all of us were just wearing only boxers. We were all in a dilemma to reenter the house because it was not only to grab our pants but also our wallets and keys to our motorcycle were left there due to the rush.

Because Bob and Naim’s room were just downstairs, we all decided to borrow their clothes and pants instead as we were all too afraid to go upstairs. Luckily enough, all our keys were located at one place and so we grabbed them and left. As we were leaving the house, Wak noticed a little girl at the kitchen door smiling and waving goodbye to him. I too saw the girl but immediately noticed her abnormally pale face. When I saw her smiling at me, I nearly peed in my pants. My knees were weak from the shock and I could still feel them shaking when we reached Restoran Hakim.

to be continue...



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