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This post is not about to tell you about the destruction of Twitter. I want to introduce a software that is best for Twitter. If you all really like to 'tweeting', this software is very suitable for you.
There are many advantages that we can get from this software.

This software is recognized as Destroy Twitter. The name of this software is a bit weird but it is very useful. I also use this software to update my status on Twitter, reply or 'retweet' any status of my friends . No longer need to log in on the web. There are reasons why I promote this software with you all.

  1. Powerful and Lightweight
  2. Cross-Platform
  3. Filter the Noise
  4. No Extra Baggage
  5. Preferences Galore
  6. Auto-Complete Usernames

To try this software, you all can download it here. Before installing this software, you need to first install adobe air. Click this first to install adobe air if you do not have it. To know more about this software, click here.

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